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Super Shannon Kilbourne!

...to the rescue!

Shannon Kilbourne
17 March
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Hi, I'm Shannon Kilbourne, associate member of the Baby-sitters Club. I'm eighteen years old, and I currently attend Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. But while I'm on breaks from college, I live in Stoneybrook, CT. I'm a long way from home, huh? Lol. Stoneybrook and home are very important to me, as that's where most of my best friends -- the Baby-sitters Club members -- are from. Back home, I attended Stoneybrook Day School and am a proud graduate/valedictorian of the class of 2004. My hobbies include babysitting (I love kids!), drama, art, french, spanish, astronomy -- basically everything! I was always very involved at my school, in addition to excelling in academics (I hope that doesn't sound snobby, but it's true), and I plan to continue doing that here at Yale. It's rough trying to keep up, but I can always work it out. Hope you enjoy my journal!

This journal is being used for a BSC RPG. To find out more, visit babysit
PB: Katherine Heigl
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